Frequently Asked Questions

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What devices are supported by Zest?

Zest Recipe Manager is a universal app available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Zest requires iOS version 6.0 or later. We plan to extend support to other devices; in particular, we plan to provide a version for Android tablets and phones in future.

Zest Cloud

What is Zest Cloud?

Zest Cloud is an optional service for users of Zest Recipe Manager. Subscribing to Zest Cloud gives you an online account to store your recipes. Recipes stored in Zest Cloud can be accessed from any supported device. Cloud storage also acts as an online backup of your recipes, helping to keep them safe.

How does Zest Cloud work?

Once a device is linked to a cloud account, it will automatically sync any changes you make to your recipe collection to the Zest Cloud servers. Other devices linked to the same account will see those changes next time they sync. In general you won't need to worry about what happens behind the scenes, as long as your devices are regularly connected to the internet your recipe collection will be kept up to date across them all.

Can I access my recipes offline?

Yes. A full copy of your recipes is stored locally on each device, so you can access them and make changes while offline. You only need to be online to sync changes to the cloud account.

What if I don't need cloud storage?

No problem, just don't subscribe to Zest Cloud. The rest of Zest Recipe Manager's functionality remains free to use, your recipes are just stored on one device.

Why is Zest Cloud a subscription service?

To offer Zest Cloud functionality we need to run the servers where your recipes are stored. To keep the service running sustainably, we've decided to charge a yearly fee that aligns with the cost of running the service. We believe this is the fairest way to charge for the service, and the best way to make it a sustainable business for years to come.

How do I subscribe to Zest Cloud?

You can subscribe in the Zest Recipe Manager app by selecting the "Zest Cloud" menu option and following the prompts. For your initial device you should sign up for a new account. For subsequent devices you should link them to your existing account.

How many devices can I use with my Zest Cloud account?

There is no limit to how many devices you can use with one account. You pay once when you first create your account, then additional devices can be linked to that account for free.

What happens if I reach my recipe limit?

When you have reached your recipe limit any new recipes you add will not be stored in your cloud account. Existing recipes will continue to sync as before. You can increase your limit by upgrading to a higher plan. Upgrading costs roughly the difference between the original plan prices. To upgrade, open the "Zest Cloud" screen in Zest Recipe Manager and follow the prompts. Alternatively, you can delete some of your existing recipes to free up space.

What happens when my account expires?

As your subscription expiry date approaches Zest Recipe Manager will present an option for you to renew for another year. We will also send you a few reminder emails so you are aware of the upcoming expiry. If you allow your subscription to expire your recipe collection will stop syncing to your cloud account. You can still change recipes locally, but they will no longer be stored online. If you want to stop using Zest Cloud altogether you can unlink your device from the account and it will continue to work as it did before you signed up for the cloud service.

Can I sync my recipes using my iCloud account?

No. We chose not to use iCloud for recipe storage as it is an Apple-only service. As we plan to support non-Apple devices in future, iCloud did not fit our requirements.

Who can access my Zest Cloud account?

Your Zest Cloud account is protected by a password of your choosing. Only devices linked using the same email address and password combination will be allowed to access your account. As your recipe collection is stored on our servers, it is also subject to our privacy policy.

Zest Browser

How do I return to the list of recipe sites?

You can return to the Zest Browser home page by clicking the bookmarks button b and selecting "Zest Home". You can also navigate directly to the home page by entering the address into the address bar.

Why can't Zest import automatically from some sites?

Zest can import recipes that use standard markup (hRecipe and Microdata). Because not all sites use these standards, you may on occasion need to help the import process along by manually selecting different parts of the recipe. Don't worry, Zest will let you know when and how you should do this.